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'Triumphal March' by A. von Ahn Carse

Fifth place in the 1909 Music for Military Band Competition was awarded to Mr Adam von Ahn Carse (1878-1958) for a March. When originally submitted to the Competition, it was identified by the title given on the front page: Bombardon (which is a brass instrument, also known as a Bass Tuba - the score does indeed specify that two such instruments be used).

However, this title was dropped in time for the prize-giving event to simply A Triumphal March - written at the top of the front page of the score.


The Company retains this original manuscript and each page is presented below. Click on the image to see it larger, click on Go to link for a detailed view.

The Musicians' Company Archive Project

Adam Carse was Professor of Harmony and Counterpoint at the RAM for nearly 20 years. He acumulated 350 wind instruments during his lifetime, eventually donating them to the Horniman Museum in 1947. Further biographical and compositional detals can be found on

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