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Bind, Weave, Spin

The Lord Mayor's Composition Prize for 2015 was awarded to Mr William Cole for his piano trio composition entitled Bind, Weave, Spin.

Its premiere performance was given as part of the 2015 City of London Festival by a trio from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama at St Bride's Church, Fleet Street on June 24th of that year.

Mr Cole was born in London in 1990 and read music at Clare College, Cambridge, graduating in 2013; postgraduate studies continued at the Royal Academy of Music. In May of 2016 he was identified as Yeoman of the Month for the Musicians' Company - Click Here to see further details.

According to William Cole, "....This piece explores different ways of expressing single musical strands. The first movement is a piece of pure two-part counterpoint for violin and cello in which the two lines begin apart and gradually 'bind' together. In the second, the piano outlines the descent of a single line while the violin and cello create and 'weave' falling and rising lines respectively. In the third, fugal movement, a line of music is gradually 'spun' out over longer and longer periods. These first three movements all undergo a process of either centrifugal or centripedal motion, collapsing in on themselves or, in the case of the third movement, opening out. The final fourth movement is more like an extended single moment, in which the ensemble trace a single line from the bottom to top of the keyboard surrounded by fleeting memories of previous movements, as if seeing the whole piece from above".


Shown below are a few pages from the score, click on an image to expand.

These pages of music are shown for viewing and information purposes only and are not intended to be copied, printed, or in any way reproduced.

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