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'Svengali of Brixton' by Enrico Brunetti

In 1901 the Company held a competition for a new March to be played during the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra the following year. A prize of 50 guineas was awarded to the eventual winner, Mr Percy Godfrey (1859-1945) Click Here for full details.

However, the Company also retains a number of the unsuccessful entries to this Competition, all of which had been submitted without the composer being identified. A title or 'motto' identified the actual composition and a sealed envelope was provided by the applicant which contained the Composer's name and address.

The envelope and note shown above is from Enrico Brunetti referring to his competition submission entitled, Svengali of Brixton. Photographs of the manuscript score of the orchestral coposition are presented below. Click on the image to expand and scroll through.

One of the rules of entry was that a piano arrangement of the March should also be provided. The one presented by Brunetti is shown below. Again, click on the image to expand and scroll through.

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