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'Seven Pieces for Pianoforte' by G.Coleman Young

The Company holds the Autograph Manuscript of a composition which is almost certainly an unsuccessful entrant to the Henry Cart Prize Competition of 1904. It is in the required format for the highest award of £25, ie "Seven Short Pieces for Pianoforte" and was submitted by Mr G.Coleman Young, under a non de plume: 'Clavicembalo'. Entries were submitted annonymously, with real names and addresses provided in sealed envelopes (the note that came with this entry is shown right - it was entry number 114). For unknown reasons, this unsuccessful submission was not claimed back after the competition had been resolved.

Notwithstanding the fairly strong evidence above, there is no actual reference to the Henry Cart Competition on the submission (or indeed on the accompanying note), neither is this composition mentioned in the Court Minutes. This is unsurprising, given it did not win and there is also no reference to the Company or the H.Cart competition on the autograph score submitted by Herbert Walter Wareing - which was also annonymous and actually won the Cart prize in a different section.

The G.Coleman Young score of Seven Pieces for the Pianoforte is shown below (cover shown right). It uses days of the week as its theme to present 7 piano pieces. Co-incidentally (presumably), the actual winning entry in this section (by Percy Carter Buck), also used 'The Week' as his theme - Click Here to see a printed version.


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