The Honorary Fellowship

The Musicians' Company Honorary Fellowship was established in 2003 and has now become an annual award. It is presented to performers, composers and others within the profession who are not currently members of the Company. Each Honorary Fellow becomes a Freeman of the Company upon the conclusion of their year.


To build and strengthen the Company's links to the wider profession, the Fellowship has already included academics, journalists and photographers. Recipients undertake a Company event during the year to explore and celebrate their specialist area of achievement.



Past Recipients:


2004 - Yvonne Kenny; Diana Burrell; David Owen Norris; Paul McCreesh

2005 - No Award

2006 - No Award

2007 - Levon Chilingirian, OBE

2008 - No Award

2009 - No Award

2010 - Dr Marios Papadopoulos

2011 - Guy Barker

2012 - Prof Leslie Bunt

2013 - Marshall Marcus

2014 - Richard Morrison

2015 - John Wilson

2016 - Clive Barda

2017 - Carl Davis CBE

2018 - David Pickard


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