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Military Press Cutting Scrapbook (1915-1918)

This Scrapbook contains a great many cuttings (perhaps thousands) from newspapers and magazines published during the War Years of 1915 to 1918. The vast majority of the cuttings refer to the existence and activities of 'Recruitment Bands' around the country (but mostly in London) and the role of music and song in the recruitment process, patriotism, homeland morale, troop entertainment and fund-raising. The cuttings regularly report the presence of Marching Bands at rallies and other events linked to military recruitment.

The Musicians' Company Archive Project
The Musicians' Company Archive Project

Rudyard Kipling features regularly, as do the works and appearances of Harry Lauder and other high profile performers and spokespeople of the day. In the City of London, the Lord Mayor had his own 'Recruitment Band' and many cuttings refer to their regular appearances.

Due to the folded, overlapping, creased and repetitious nature of most of the cuttings, the Scrapbook does not lend itself easily to a clear presentation on this website. However (and uncharacteristically for this Scrapbook of recruitment band activities), a few cuttings included toward the end of the book do illustrate the story of Piper Daniel Laidlaw VC. He was one of 5 recipients of an engraved Musicians' Company Gold Watch during WWI, presented in recognition of his receiving the VC while a serving professional musician. Click Here to see that story and the examples of cuttings from this military scrapbook.

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