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The Collard Snuff Box

Here is the snuff box that was presented to Frederick William Collard on October 8th 1834, while he was Treasurer (the first of 4 members of the Collard family to hold that position). The Court Meeting on that day was held at Guildhall, but sadly the Court Minutes (Click Here) make no mention of the box. It was subsequently presented back to the Company by Cecil Collard (the great nephew of Frederick William) in Oct 1911. Happily, the Court Minutes do record the generous handing back of this gift and details can be found on Page 192-3 of MB9 (Click Here).

The Musicians' Company Archive Project
The Musicians' Company Archive Project

The top lid inscription reads:

"Presented by the Master, Wardens and Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Musicians of London, To Frederick William Collard Esq. as a small token of their sincere attachment and in testimony of his long continued and zealous exertions towards promoting the prosperity and harmony of the Company. Oct 8th 1834"

T B Herring - Master

G M Simpson, Wm Chaplin - Wardens


The base inscription reads:

"Presented to The Worshipful Co of Musicians by Cecil Collard October 1911" 

Click on the images to download detailed versions.

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