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Portrait - Sir George Truscott

The Portrait of Sir George Wyatt Truscott


Sir Leslie Ward

The Musicians' Company Archive Project

Sir George Truscott (1857-1941) was Master of the Musicians' Company in 1908-09. In November 1908 he also became Lord Mayor and in 1909 was made 1st Baronet of Oakleigh, East Grinstead. During his tenure as Master, a Deputy Master was also appointed (Mr CTD Crews, who had already been Master in his own right in 1904 and again in 1907).


This print is signed SPY which was the usual pseudonym of Sir Leslie Matthew Ward (1851-1922), a prolific cartoon and caricaturist, producing 1,325  portraits which were often used in the magazine Vanity Fair.


Overall size c. 8x14 inches. Published, Vanity Fair on 4th November 1908

This picture was presented to the Company by A.F.Hill Esq in 1934. Click Here to see the relevant pages from the Minutes of that Court Meeting.

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