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Book 7: 1878 - 1897
The Musicians' Company Archive Project

Here is the seventh Minute Book, which contains the handwritten minutes of Company Court Meetings from 25th June 1878 until 26th October 1897.


This book contains 214 pages. Digitised images of the pages have been separated into 20 years as follows:

Inside the front cover of this Minute Book are two rectangular pieces of leather, gold embossed as shown to the right, which have been glued in place on a blank page. These patches appear to have been taken from a book binding that would originally have matched Minute Books 1, 2 and 3. The actual written pages appear quite old and thick and of a similar quality to the earlier books, but the cover of the book is in a very good (possibly modern?) condition, very similar to Minute Book 4 - which had been date stamped on the inside rear cover as 1959.

Consequently, there seems to be some evidence that the original binding has been lost and these pages have been re-bound into a new cover.

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