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Special Presentations of the 'Silver Medal'

The Silver Medal is the Company's oldest award and was inaugurated in 1889. The Medal was originally established as an annual award to the most distinguished student of the Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music (awards which continue today). It is also presented to a number of Military Organisations and further information is available by Clicking Here.


Special Presentations of the Company's Silver Medal for particular generosity, services to music and/or the Company have also been made since 1903. However, in 2008, the awarding of such a Silver Medal was re-designated a 'Gold Medal' in order to avoid confusion with those being awarded to the young musicians mentioned above.


Thus, the original Silver Medal remains for those students at Conservatoires, while the Company awards distinguished performers (such as Alfred Brendel) and its own members, (such as Pastmaster Adrian Davis) with the new Gold Medal (which is actually Silver Gilt).


All living recipients of the Silver Medal awarded prior to 2008 (ie before the awarding of actual Gold Medals) are now deemed to be Gold Medallists and this is reflected in the Company Year books since that time.


Click Here for further information on the Special Presentations of the Silver Medal (now known as Gold) and on all subsequent Gold Medallists.

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