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A Ticket to the 1902 Coronation

Here is an admission ticket to the Coronation of their majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. The ticket was for Thursday, June 26th 1902 at Westminster Abbey, but due to the King's appendicitis the Coronation was changed to the 9th August 1902  - still at the Abbey. The name on the ticket is Mr Iles - which would have been Mr John Henry Iles (1871-1951) who became Master of the Company in 1932 and was father to HFB Iles (Master 1954) and John Bird Iles (Master 1968) and grandfather to John Clive Iles (Master 1992). Click Here for further information on John Henry Iles.

The Musicians' Company Archive Project
The Musicians' Company Archive Project

A competition was held for the composition of a March to be played at this Coronation. The winner was Mr Percy Godfrey and full details can be found by Clicking Here.

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