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Salaman Seelig Music Award

The Salaman Seelig Music Awards were endowed by Mrs Auriol Elizabeth Luz Seelig, neé Salaman, who was a keen supporter of teaching the young the values of traditional learning in classical art and music.  Born in 1912, the youngest of four children, she was educated at Queen’s College in Harley Street, then spent time in Paris studying art. Although born Jewish, she converted to Roman Catholicism after the death of her husband Siegfried Fritz (Fred) Seelig, a doctor and lecturer at a German university who as a Jew was forced to resign in 1933 and fled to India where he enlisted in the Indian Medical Service, reaching the rank of Lt Colonel. After the war, he came to the UK and married Auriol, then aged 38, in 1950. They had 19 years together, but no children. Mrs Seelig was a member of the Royal Geographical Society and a friend of the Royal Academy of Art. Although not herself especially musical, she liked Beethoven and Mozart. She died in 2014, aged 101.



2018 - James Newby (baritone) - for more information click here

2019 - Benson Wilson (baritone)

2020 - Roisin Lavery (soprano) - for more information click here

2021 - Laura Lolita Perešivana (soprano) - for more information click here

2022 - Jack Holton (baritone) - for more information click here

2023 - Sofia Kirwan-Baez (soprano)


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