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Musician Lord Mayors

Members of the Musicians' Company

that have also been

Lord Mayor of London

The Musicians' Company Archive Project

This section identifies those individuals (for whom records exist), that have held the office of Lord Mayor of London and have also had an affiliation with the Worshipful Company of Musicians, in many cases as Master of the Company.

Their general biographies are briefly presented, together with their roles in the Civic City and in particular the Musicians' Company.

In 4 out of the 9 cases shown below (indicated thus *), the Musicians’ Company has been the individual’s Mother Company, ie the first Livery Company they joined, or the Company through which they obtained the Freedom of the City of London.


Click on the buttons below for an overview of each person's life, their activities, achievements in the City and contribution to the Musicians' Company and in some cases a few pictures, videolinks and links to other parts of this website. Grateful thanks are sent to Company Member, Julian Cable for a significant contribution to this section.

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