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To keep up to date with the Company's evolution and day to day activities, this website will necessarily be under regular development. In addition, research into the Company's past will continue to uncover new stories, document and illustrate our treasures and current areas of research. As the site develops in its many separate areas, this page will be updated with the major changes and introductions as they happen - check back regularly and stay up to date with the latest news.


NOTE: Each particular development is highlighted below in blue - Click on the words to transfer directly to the page that refers.

April 2019:

  • Audio clips of Recorded Performances added (copyright obtained):

- Phantasy Trio in C Minor by Frank Bridge

March 2019:

  • Audio clips of Recorded Performances added (copyright obtained):

- Hymn for St Cecilia by Prof. Herbert Howells

- Phantasy Quartet in F minor by Frank Bridge

January 2016:






December 2015:





November 2015:






October 2015:





September 2015:






August 2015:






July 2015:






June 2015:








May 2015:









April 2015:






March 2015:


  • Website now published to Google and properly 'online'.











February 2015:






January 2015:


  • The Court agrees to the setting up of an official WCOM Archive website.



  • Images of the Court Minute Books begin to be loaded in large numbers.




December 2014:


  • A 'trial' or development website is established.


  • The first 56 photographs of Court Minute Book pages appear on the website.




November 2014:


  • A meeting takes place at the Institute of Historical Research (part of University College London), where it was decided to consider website technology as a method of presenting archive materials.

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